Cherry: Love Special edition, Gamaran 3, My Lovely Class Leader 8 (m&c! manga out now)

Street date: 15 February 2012
Cherry mangazine regulars take a break to make way for the Love Special Edition of Cherry that features...

Cherry: Love Special edition (m&c!)

[14 sai no Tenshi © Nakahara An/Shogakukan]
Published in Indonesia as You are My Angel by Gramedia/m&c!

...nine one-shots from much-wubbed manga-ka: Ono Eriko (Hai, Miiko!), Aikawa Saki (In Love with You), Minase Ai (Namida Usagi ~Tears of First Love~), Shiraishi Yuki (Let Me Kiss You), Nakahara An (Lieru's Love Power), Konno Risa (Suddenly in Love), Notoyama Keiko (Moriko in The Wonder Forest), Hibiki Ai (Satsueichuu, Yokujou Kinshi. AKA No Love on the Set) and Touda Yoshimi (Color of Love).

And what exactly are these one-shots? According to the ToC:

  1. My Doll—originally the 2002-vintage Tonari no Ningyou—by Ono Eriko
  2. Love Perfume AKA Murasame-kun no Tawagoto by Shiraishi Yuki (first appeared in Sho-Comi in 2011)
  3. You are My Angel or 14 sai no Tenshi by Nakahara An (2009)
  4. All Yours or Zenbu Kimi no Mono by Aikawa Saki (2006)
  5. Do You Really Love Me? (Atashi wo Sukitte Hontou Desuka?) by Minase Ai (first appeared in Sho-Comi in 2010)
  6. Tea of Love (Kare ni Biyaku wo Nomasetara) by Hibiki Ai, the ex-Cheese! title story of the Kare ni Biyaku wo Nomasetara antho (Flower Comics: 2011.05.26)
  7. The Liar who Falls in Love or Koisuru Usotsuki by Konno Risa (vintage 2011; likely first appeared in Betsucomi)
  8. Looking at the Same Sky (Onaji Sora wo Miteiru) by Touda Yoshimi, a 2011 Betsucomi one-shot
  9. Niko and the Bridge of Rainbow (Niji no Hashi no Niko) by Notoyama Keiko (2009)

What's these one-shots all about? Follow the Baka-Updates Manga links I provided, or wait until I finish reading 'em all :D

Now back to our regular programming:

Gamaran vol 3 of 14+
By Nakamaru Yosuke

Wounds suffered in the last battle slow Gama down, placing him at a disadvantage against the head of the Kyousen school, the uninjured Sakon. Can Gama's swordsmanship supply that needed edge to deflect the Kyousen death blow?!

Find the regular manga (and manhwa) previews after the release list.

m&c! manga (2012.02.15)

  1. Gamaran vol 3 of 14+ by Nakamaru Yosuke
  2. Meet the Banchou (Kongō Banchō) vol 10 of 12 by Suzuki Nakaba
  3. Meet the Banchou 10 (m&c!)

    Kongō Banchō金剛番長」 by Suzuki Nakaba
    AKA Diamond Delinquent
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 10 (chapters 86–95) first published in Japan 2010.04

  4. My Lovely Class Leader (Gokujou!! Mechamote Iinchou) vol 8 of 15+ by Nishimura Tomoko
  5. My Lovely Class Leader 8 (m&c!)

    Gokujou!! Mechamote Iinchou
    by Nishimura Tomoko
    Shogakukan Ciao, shoujo
    Volume 8 first published in Japan 2008.12

    Serializations/Other languages
    Serialized in the Indonesian Cherry (ongoing)
    Traditional Chinese (Tong Li Taiwan: 戀愛班長 13 per 2011.10)

    The 51-episode Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou anime produced by Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment, starring seiyuu Ogawa Mana (Kitagawa Mimi) and Oshima Ryo (Toujou Ushio) aired from April 2009 to March 2010 in Japan. The Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou Second Collection sequel premiered 2010.04.03; episode 51 finale aired 2011.04.10.

m&c! manhwa (2012.02.15)

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Mangazines (2012.02.15)

  • Cherry Love Special Edition

Reprints and Restocks
m&c! also reprints one-shot shoujo tankou this street date, giving us Carnivora Love (Ai no Nikushokujuu) by Tachibana Azusa (ex-Betsufure DX), first published by m&c! in June 2007; Chocolate Diary by Mochizuki Karin (m&c! premiere: 2008.01.29); A Gift For You (Mienai Kimi e no Okurimono) by Satori Tae (m&c! premiere: 2007.12.17); Gokuraku Smile by Sakamoto Miku, first serialized in Hana to Yume (m&c! premiere: 2007.09.11); The One I Love (Watashi no Sukinahito) by CLAMP (Kadokawa/Young Rose; josei), premiered in Indonesia: 2007.08.21; and Yesterday Yes A Day by Iwamoto Nao (Shogakukan/Flowers), Indonesian premiere: 2008.02.12.

Restocked (Individual volumes) —

¹ Source: m&c! (release schedule and artwork/synopses).
² All GN, including restocks, are priced at IDR 16,500 each except Full House: Love Continues 5 and the restocked Foot 2 Rue: Street Soccer volumes 1 to 5 (IDR 25,000/volume), the restocked Gift Under the Rainbow 2 (IDR 15,000), Hellboy volumes 1 to 3 (IDR 45,000 each) and restocked Malaysian comic Illusive (IDR 20,000/volume). Cherry Love Special Edition carries an IDR 27,500 SRP.

Featured ongoing series
My Lovely Class Leader vol 8 of 15+
By Nishimura Tomoko

Kitagami Mimi has her hands full facing the sexy and pretty Jougasaki Rui in the Beauty Girl Contest. Mimi's not about to let the grand prize—the chance to be photographed in a wedding gown beside Tojo—go to Rui!

Fifteen Gokujou!! Mechamote Iinchou volumes have been published in Japan as of September 2011. The 16th streets the first of March 2012.

Other 15 February 2012 highlights

  • Meet the Banchou vol 10 by Suzuki Nakaba: The secret weapon that sleeps beneath Mugenjima awakens...
  • Full House: Love Continues vol 4 by Won SooYeon: Elli, Raider and Brothel are isolated in a remote castle, but that's not about to stop Brothel, threatened by Raider's presence, from proposing to Elli. Elli, however, goes against her heart's dictates and dismisses Brothel's proposal. She then meets Raider to tell him that...her memory's back.

Still not enuf? Here are the other 15 February 2012 manga and manhwa

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