Dawn of The Arcana 5, Eternal Sabbath 8 of 8, Blade of Immortal 21 (Level Comics 29 February 2012 manga) [UPDATED]

Update: Wanna know what grade I gave the Have A Good Night! debut? Scroll, kudasai.

Dawn of The Arcana 5 (Dawn of The Arcana 5)

Reimei no Arcana © Toma Rei/Shogakukan
[Serialized in Cheese!]
Published in Indonesia as Dawn of The Arcana by Level Comics

Arriving at the hybrid village to prevent the Belquat army massacre, our heroes discover that Cain—Caesar's older brother—leads the operation. Nakaba tries to negotiate with Cain, little realizing that Cain's bitterness goes deeper than her words can reach.

The two rivals unleash their wrath in volume 5 of Toma Rei's Dawn of The Arcana, this Level release's top DO WANT!

For runner-up, we have —

Eternal Sabbath vol 8 of 8
By Souryo Fuyumi

Enraged at learning that he's flawed, Isaac lets loose his fury on a hapless Tokyo. Only Akiba can stop his psycho clone from visiting his fate upon innocents.

How will this ultimate showdown between these gene-enhanced ‘immortals’ end? asks Level. Me: Which one was created to be sacrificed? :P In either case, the ES finale should have answers.

New Level titles
Have A Good Night! by Yamazaki Sayaka

There are nights when a woman just needs a man at her side.

Shio hasn't had a good night's sleep since her husband left. But one night, she sleeps soundly — in the arms of her brother-in-law Gai!

Cure for insomnia found, Shio opens up "Stripe Sheep" for women can't fall asleep without a man beside them. She has to keep her side business under wraps, though, especially from Yanagihara who's been getting (too) close lately.

Have A Good Night! or Shima Shima first serialized in Morning in 2008; 12 Seinen with a (Strong) Female Lead, Insomnia, Divorce, Loneliness, Reverse Harem volumes were compiled between July 2008 and October 2010. The slice of life manga was adapted into a live-action renzoku in 2011, starring Yada Akiko (Natsuigawa Reiko in Voice) as Houkigi Shio, with Miura Shohei (Nakatsu Shuichi in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011), Kikuta Daisuke (Kazuki Shuhei, Kaito Royale), Suzuki Katsuhiro (Noe Shinji, HanaKimi 2011) and Fukushi Sota (Murano Sota, Misaki Number One!!) as Shio's four “sheep” Tamabuki Gai, Futaba Ran, Hayashida Rindou and Makomo Shuuji.

☞ Snap review I admit I tried Have A Good Night! solely on the maximum-strength basis of the dorama eyecandy and while the art doesn't quite match up, I enjoyed it immensely. How much? I actually read the first eight episodes sleepy (it was one in the morning), but I. Still. Finished. Shio-neesan does live up to that Strong Female Lead tag and her characterization rings true. As for her Reverse Harem, brother-in-law Gai shows promise. Am definitely reading volume 2 when it comes out—oh, rating? A solid 7.75 of 10 :)

Shima Shima manga-ka Yamazaki Sayaka also created Haruka 17. [Continued...]

Oh. ROMIC Suske & Wiske also premieres with Setengah Havelaar (Suske en Wiske 310: De halve Havelaar), after having been back-burnered since last December. In this volume, Suske and Wiske (or Spike and Suzy or Bob et Bobette or Willy and Wanda, depending on which language version you're reading), try to save a manuscript about colonial oppression from never seeing the light of a printing press.

Level Comics manga (2012.02.29)

  1. Blade of Immortal (Mugen no Juunin) vol 21 of 28+ by Samura Hiroaki
  2. LC: Blade of Immortal 21

    Mugen no Juunin無限の住人
    by Samura Hiroaki
    Kodansha Afternoon, seinen
    Volume 21 first published in Japan 2007.06

    Volume 21 chapters:
    Dai Hyaku San Jū Go Maku Kyōon
    Dai Hyaku San Jū Roku Maku Kikoku
    Dai Hyaku San Jū Nana Maku Otozure (Sono Ichi)
    Dai Hyaku San Jū Hachi Maku Otozure (Sono Ni)
    Dai Hyaku San Jū Kyū Maku Fuyugeshō
    Dai Hyaku Yon Jū Maku Yogiku
    Dai Hyaku Yon Jū Ichi Maku Michizure (Sono Ichi)

    1997 Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence Prize

    Other languages
    English Blade of the Immortal (Dark Horse Comics: 24 volumes per 2011.11), French (Casterman: L'habitant de l'infini Tome 26 shipped 2011.06 • Tome 27 street date: 2012.05.02), Italian (Planet Manga), German and Polish (Egmont), Portuguese (Conrad Brazil) and Swedish (Schibsted Förlagen Sverige AB; serialized in Manga Mania)

    A 13-episode anime starring seiyuu Seki Tomokazu (Manji) and Satou Rina (Rin) aired in Japan on AT-X from July to December 2008.

    The 小説無限の住人 刃獣異聞/Blade of the Immortal: Legend of the Sword Demon novel written by Ohsako Junichi and illustrated by Samura Hiroaki was published under the KC Novels imprint in 2008.07 and by Dark Horse Comics in 2009.11.

    The 艶(あだ)浪 「無限の住人」画集/The Art of Blade of the Immortal illustration book was released 2008.06 in Japan, 2010.06 in North America by Dark Horse.

  3. Dawn of The Arcana (Reimei no Arcana) vol 5 of 9+ by Toma Rei
  4. LC: Dawn of The Arcana 5

    Reimei no Arcana黎明のアルカナ
    by Toma Rei
    Shogakukan Cheese!, shoujo
    Volume 5 first published in Japan 2010.10

    Other languages
    English Dawn of the Arcana (VIZ Media: two volumes as of 2012.02.07 • volume 3 street date: 2012.04.03), French (Kazé Editions: L'Arcane de l'aube: Tome 5 shipped 2012.01 • Tome 6 street date: 2012.03.21)

    The Reimei no Arcana -Hajimari no Koku-黎明のアルカナ-始まりの刻-light novel was published in Japan in 2011.02 under Shogakukan's Flower Comics Lululu Novels label

  5. Eternal Sabbath (ES) vol 8 of 8 by Souryo Fuyumi [Finale]
  6. LC: Eternal Sabbath 8

    ESES」 by Souryo Fuyumi
    Kodansha Morning, seinen
    Volume 8 first published in Japan 2004.11

    Other languages/Reissues
    English ES (Del Rey: eight volumes), French (Glénat: eight volumes), Italian (Editions Star Comics)
    Re-released in five bunko volumes (2006.10 - 2007.02)

  7. Gun Smith Cats Burst vol 3 of 5 by Sonoda Kenichi
  8. LC: Gun Smith Cats Burst 3

    Gun Smith Cats Burst
    by Sonoda Kenichi
    Kodansha Afternoon, seinen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2006.09

    Related series
    Prequel Gun Smith Cats (eight volumes)

    Other languages
    English Gunsmith Cats Burst (Dark Horse Comics; 5 volumes) and French (Glenat tome 5 released 2010.03)

  9. [Series Premiere] Have A Good Night! (Shima Shima) vol 1 of 12 by Yamazaki Sayaka
  10. LC: Have A Good Night! 1

    Shima Shimaシマシマ
    by Yamazaki Sayaka
    Kodansha Morning, seinen
    Volume 1 (episodes 1–8) first published in Japan 2008.07

    The 10-episode live-action Shima Shima aired on TBS from April to June 2011, starring Yada Akiko as Houkigi Shio, Miura Shohei as Tamabuki Gai, Kikuta Daisuke as Futaba Ran, Suzuki Katsuhiro as Hayashida Rindou and Fukushi Sota as Makomo Shuuji.

  11. Lost Man vol 8 of 15+ by Kusaba Michiteru
  12. LC: Lost Man 8

    Lost ManLOST MAN
    by Kusaba Michiteru
    Shogakukan Young Sunday (later moved to Big Comic Spirits after 31 July 2008), seinen
    Volume 8 first published in Japan 2010.05

  13. Yokohama Chinatown Fantasy (Kachuu Hana) vol 9 of 16+ by Nishi Yuuji & Hikino Shinji
  14. LC: Yokohama Chinatown Fantasy 9

    Kachuu Hana華中華
    by Nishi Yuuji & Hikino Shinji
    Shogakukan Big Comic, seinen
    Volume 9 first published in Japan 2009.07

    Kachuu Hana My First BIG Specials volumes 1-8 released between 2010.10 and 2011.05

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European comics (2012.02.29)

  1. Boule & Bill: Album Kenangan (Boule et Bill, Tome 8: Souvenirs de famille) by Jean Roba (Dupuis)
  2. [Premiere] Suske & Wiske: Setengah Havelaar (Suske en Wiske 310: De halve Havelaar) by Willy Vandersteen (Standaard Uitgeverij) «Ex-2011.12.28

¹ Sources: Elex STO 29 February 2012 (release schedule) and Komikologi and Gramedia Shop (artwork and synopses, unless indicated otherwise).
² All manga are priced at IDR 18,500 each except Eternal Sabbath 8 (IDR 20,000) and Blade of Immortal 21 and Yokohama Chinatown Fantasy 9 (IDR 19,500/volume). European comics carry IDR 30,000/volume price tags
³ Links like this are commercial Amazon search and/or product links (other language versions).

New Level titles: Have A Good Night! - continued
Other Yamazaki Sayaka manga
Aside from Have A Good Night!/Shima Shima and Haruka 17 already noted above, Yamazaki Sayaka created Real Summer (published under Kawade's Kowloon Comics imprint in 2002.05), Tokyo Kazoku, first serialized in Manga Action (five Action Comics volumes from 2002.05 to 2003.07; rereleased in three Futaba Bunko Meisaku Series volumes in 2008.10) and Frozen, originally serialized in Young Magazine (six Young Magazine Comics volumes from 1999.05 to 2000.09).

Yamazaki Sayaka is also co-credited along with Tsutsui Yasutaka for Nanase AKA The Telepathic Wanderers, first serialized in Bessatsu Young Magazine and Magazine SPECIAL (four Young Magazine KC volumes published between 2001.09 and 2003.04).

As Oki Sayaka, she produced Mother Lucy, serialized in Young Sunday (four Young Sunday Comics volumes published between 1997.12 and 1998.09); Minus, first serialized in Young Sunday (five Young Sunday Comics volumes from 1996.07 to 1997.06; rereleased without cuts in three Enterbrain Beam Comix kanzenban in May 2004); Nanakongu (Young Sunday Comics: 1995.11) and Love Zombie (Kowloon Comics: 2001.03).

Her latest seinen series, a collab with Nishida Daisuke (AND ENDLESS), is Renai Mangaka, serialized in Morning (four Morning KC volumes as of January 2012; volume 5 street date: 2012.03.23).

Other 29 February 2012 highlights

  • Blade of Immortal vol 21 by Samura Hiroaki: As recompense for the chaos created by his immortality experiments, Kagimura Habaki is ordered to commit ritual suicide within 30 days. In the time remaining, Kagimura, along with the group of 6 Demons, vow to wipe out Clan Itto. Failure means death!
  • Gun Smith Cats Burst vol 3 by Sonoda Kenichi: The outlawed quadrennial rally is back, and Bean Bandit eyes the prize and a shot to put Detective Percy six feet under. But Speed Angel Riff-Raff also joins, and Detective Percy is equally determined to off Bean. Add a suspicious Rally who covertly signs up and what do you get?!
  • Lost Man vol 8 by Kusaba Michiteru: Matsumoto's shared past with Trautman creates a rift between Matsumoto and Sakazaki. How will Matsumoto react when he hears Sakazaki's version of his lost past? What exactly binds Sakazaki, Matsumoto and Trautman?
  • Yokohama Chinatown Fantasy vol 9 by Nishi Yuuji & Hikino Shinji: Chef extraordinaire Shimano Toshio gains fans from Manten's customers, thanks to Madame Nakako. Hana has her hands full trying to keep up with Shimano while trying to think up a new menu to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Yokohama port opening. So why is she adding a starring role in a TV commercial to her plate?!

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