Doctor's Love 3 and I Love You Bye Bye 2 of 2 (3L Valentine 2012 manga)

Streets 14 February 2012 according to Angelzon

Doctor's Love 3 and I Love You Bye Bye 2 (Tiga Lancar Comic)

Oshiri Ai - Shinsatsuchuu © Takada Rie/Shogakukan · Aishiteru yo Bye-Bye © Cocoro Ayumi/Shogakukan. Published in Indonesia as Doctor's Love ~ during a medical examination and I Love You Bye Bye by PT Tiga Lancar Semesta/Tiga Lancar Comic (3L)

Been wondering what shoujo manga 3L would release this Valentine's Day—thought it would be Today, the Love Begin 12—but it subverts expectation and instead rolls out Doctor's Love 3 and I Love You Bye Bye 2, also Awaiteds though prolly not as much as Minami Kanan's KyouKoi 12.

Takada Rie's apparently never-ending Doctor's Love still has our heroine Ujou Asako fretting over the extent of The Colorectal Genius™ Dr. Kuraku Budou's love for her, especially when their relationship seems stuck in neutral. Will the appearance of a pregnant woman at the clinic change things?

Meanwhile in the I Love You Bye Bye finale, Uri's Big Secret pushes her to tearfully shove Sora away and we're tempted to check if she really means that "Bye-bye" or will the "I love you" part work miracles.

The "Beware of addiction!" Doctor's Love is rated for a     DEWASA or Mature audience, but the "Climax of an innocent love!" I Love You Bye Bye is still deemed safe for Teens.

3L josei and shoujo manga (2012.02.14)

  1. Doctor's Love ~ during a medical examination (Oshiri Ai - Shinsatsu chuu -) vol 3 of 3+ by Takada Rie
  2. Oshiri Ai - Shinsatsu chuu -おしり愛-診察中-」 by Takada Rie
    Shogakukan Anekei Petit Comic and Petit Comic Zoukan, josei
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2011.09

    Related series
    Prequel Couple Who Love Buttocks (Futari wa Oshiri Ai; 3 volumes)

  3. I Love You Bye Bye (Aishiteru yo Bye-Bye) vol 2 of 2 by Cocoro Ayumi [Finale]

¹ Source: Angelzon.com
² All manga retail for IDR 16,500
³ Doctor's Love ~ during a medical examination 3 is rated for Mature audiences only

That's it. See you next 3L release.

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