The Breaker 5, Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War 17, My Lovely Class Leader 9 (m&c! 21 March 2012 manhwa and manga) [UPDATED]

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The Breaker 5 (m&c!)

The Breaker © Jeon KeukJin, Park JinHwan/Daewon C.I.
[First serialized in Young Daiwon]
Published by Gramedia/m&c!

To defeat Sae Hee, Lee Shi Woon throws a power punch in Chang Ho's direction, only to have his attack blocked by the young genius Hyuk So Chun.

Koo Moon Ryong's disciple or the aspiring Chun Do Moon head — who will prevail? (See The Breaker volume 5 for the answer.)

Trailing The Breaker in GET! votes for a definite #2 berth —

Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War vol 17 of 18+
By Sawada Hirofumi

Supreme Commander Yoshitsune leads his forces to victory at the Battle of Uji. But not long after returning to the capital, Yoshitsune gathers his strongest men and departs again — for a final decisive battle against Heike.

Eighteen Shanaou Yoshitsune: Genpei no Kassen volumes have been released in Japan as of 17 February 2012.

m&c! manga (2012.03.21)

  1. First Love Lesson (Hatsukoi Shinan) vol 2 of 4 by Yabuuchi Yuu
  2. First Love Lesson 2 (m&c!)

    Hatsukoi Shinan初恋指南
    by Yabuuchi Yuu
    Shogakukan ChuChu, shoujo
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2009.04

    Volume 2 contains First Love Lesson and Chu & Ganma's Comic Introduction

    Other languages
    German (Egmont Manga & Anime: Love Love Mangaka, four volumes per 2011.08)

  3. My Lovely Class Leader (Gokujou!! Mechamote Iinchou) vol 9 of 16+ by Nishimura Tomoko
  4. My Lovely Class Leader 9 (m&c!)

    Gokujou!! Mechamote Iinchou
    by Nishimura Tomoko
    Shogakukan Ciao, shoujo
    Volume 9 first published in Japan 2009.04

    Serializations/Other languages
    Serialized in the Indonesian Cherry (ongoing)
    Traditional Chinese (Tong Li Taiwan: 戀愛班長 13 per 2011.10)

    The 51-episode Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou anime produced by Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment, starring seiyuu Ogawa Mana (Kitagawa Mimi) and Oshima Ryo (Toujou Ushio) aired from April 2009 to March 2010 in Japan. The Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou Second Collection sequel premiered 2010.04.03; episode 51 finale aired 2011.04.10.

  5. Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War (Shanaou Yoshitsune: Genpei no Kassen) vol 17 of 18+ by Sawada Hirofumi

m&c! manhwa (2012.03.21)

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Reprints and Restocks
The m&c! reprint run of shoujo tankou continues with Anger, Laugh, and Love (Okotte Waratte Koishite) by Satori Tae; Ninja Girl by Nishimura Tomoko (originally Kurenai Hana Fubuki first serialized in Ciao); No Secret in 1.8m² by Ozaki Ira (1.8m² no Himegoto ex-Betsucomi); Please, Stop the Time by Nakamura Sayumi (Toki Nazumi, Futari Nazumu serialized in the now-defunct ChuChu); Secret of the 7th Lesson by Chiba Kozue (7 Genme wa Himitsu ex-Sho-Comi); and The Secret Message by Akaishi Michiyo. If anyone can tell me the original Japanese title of The Secret Message, which reportedly premiered here in April 2007, I would be ever so grateful. Same goes for whoever can tell me in which shoujo mangazine Okotte Waratte Koishite first serialized. (I'm thinking either Sho-Comi or Betsucomi (or Derakomi...)

Restocked (Individual volumes)

¹ Source: m&c! FB (release schedule and artwork)
² All GN, including reprints and restocks, are (still) priced at IDR 16,500 each except The Breaker 5 (IDR 18,500/volume); the Crab Kiss series (IDR 19,900/volume); A Stranger in Kitsunegahara (IDR 13,800); Alien vs Predator: Thrill of the Hunt (IDR 45,000); and Maniak Sepeda and The Sisters: Keluarga (IDR 35,000).

Featured ongoing series
My Lovely Class Leader vol 9 of 16+
By Nishimura Tomoko

Kitagami Mimi juggles her responsibility as class prez and beauty consultant with aplomb, but nothing has prepared her for the drama club chair asking her to be his girlfriend.

Mimi is thrown into a tizzy, but more importantly, how will Tojo react when he finds out? Find out in My Lovely Class Leader volume 9.

Sixteen Gokujou!! Mechamote Iinchou volumes have been published in Japan as of 1 March 2012.

Other 21 March 2012 highlights

  • First Love Lesson vol 2 by Yabuuchi Yuu: Nao's dream of becoming a manga-ka comes true, and she has Kento to thank for her debut. Nao never expected, though, that Kento would suddenly confess to her. How is she supposed to answer? As a novice comic artist, she's forbidden to fall in love, except...tell that to her heart, which races whenever Kento is near!

(If that be Kento on the First Love Lesson 2 cover, I'm not surprised why doki doki shita!)

Still not enuf? Here are the other 21 March 2012 manga and manhwa

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