Chrome Shelled Regios anime episodes 5 to 24 update (airing 1-28 March 2012 on Animax Asia)

This updates my Chrome Shelled Regios premiere post. Listing episodes skedded to air from the 1st to the 28th of March 2012—until the finale episode 24—on Animax.

Chrome Shelled Regios ex-Animax Asia

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Chrome Shelled Regios airs weeknights at 10PM WIB (UTC+7) on Animax Asia.

1-28 March 2012
Partial episode list and Animax synopses

May contain    [SPOILERS!]

Episode 5 (3.01 10pm Premiere)
The Enemy That Hides in the Land of Death
The 17 Platoon takes a day off from training.

Episode 6 (3.02 10pm Premiere)
Letter from Glendan
Layfon is asked by Kallian to identify the Dragon Contaminoid.

Episode 7 (3.05 10pm Premiere)
Adamandite, Restoration
Harley has created an Adamandite sword for Layfon to use on his mission to kill the Dragon Contaminoid.

Episode 8 (3.06 10pm Premiere)
The Enemy of the Past, Now a Ghost Town
The 17th and 5th platoon both fight each other.

Episode 9 (3.07 10pm Premiere)
The Qualifications of a Heaven's Blade Receiver
Gorneo reveals to Nina about Layfon's past as a Heaven's Blade.

Episode 10 (3.08 10pm Premiere)
Lucken's Revenge
Felli finds a life form in the other city.

Episode 11 (3.09 10pm Premiere)
Spa Resort Kallian
Kallian makes a suggestion to have Nina teach Felli how to swim.

Episode 12 (3.12 10pm Premiere)
Gentle Lie
Layfon is chasing after an unknown person and they start having a fight.

Episode 13 (3.13 10pm Premiere)
Feelings Hiding in the Barrel of a Gun
Layfon, Nina, and Sharnid go to Kallian and ask him for information regarding Dinn.

Episode 14 (3.14 10pm Premiere)
Fallen One Appears
While Layfon is dueling Haia, Sharnid and Siena are headed to Dinn's location to try and get the Fallen One out of his body.

Episode 15 (3.15 10pm Premiere)
Unreaching Feelings
Nina informs the 17th platoon that they are going on a trip in which they can practice inter platoon matches.

Episode 16 (3.16 10pm Premiere)
Zuellni Rampage, Contaminoids Attack
Leerin wishes to go meet Layfon in Zuellni.

Episode 17 (3.19 10pm Premiere)
The Salinvan Guidance Mercenary Gang Goes to Battle
Karyan asks for the assistance of Layfon and the Salinvan Guidance Mercenary Gang to destroy the impending contaminoids.

Episode 18 (3.20 10pm Premiere)
Nina Disappears! Emergency at Zuellni
Nina Antalk disappears after acquiring the Fallen One of Gandoweria.

Episode 19 (3.21 10pm Premiere)
Guided Encounter
Nina is fighting the hunters that are after Myath's Electronic Fairy.

Episode 20 (3.22 10pm Premiere)
Night Before the Intercity Match
Layfon prepares for a confrontation with Haia.

Episode 21 (3.23 10pm Premiere)
Felli Stolen
Haia and Layfon begin their battle.

Episode 22 (3.26 10pm Premiere)
Invincible City Lance Shelled Regios, Glendan Approaches
While Layfon lies unconscious in a hospital inside Zuellni, Leerin and Nina get a chance to briefly talk.

Episode 23 (3.27 10pm Premiere)
Pieces of Ignasis
Layfon searches for Nina, while Felli is not to be found anywhere.

Episode 24 (3.28 10pm Premiere)
The City that is to be Born [Finale]
Layfon fights with Savalis to rescue Nina.

Rental Magica replaces Chrome Shelled Regios beginning 29 March 2012, Friday.

Chrome Shelled Regios episodes replay the following day at 2AM and 7PM. The five-episode back to back weekend marathon starts at 730AM and then again at 4PM on Sundays.

For further schedules, please check Animax Asia or your program guides.

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