I Love You, Suzuki Kun!! 13 and In Our World by Mamura Mio (3L shoujo manga out nau~) [UPDATED]

Street date: 20 March 2012 for sure (ECC info)
Angelzon, however, sez these Sho-Comi manga shipped on the 19th.

I Love You, Suzuki Kun!! 13 and In Our World (Tiga Lancar Comic)

Suki desu, Suzuki-kun!! © Ikeyamada Go/Shogakukan [First serialized in Sho-Comi] · Bokura no Sekai de © Mamura Mio Shogakukan [First serialized in Sho-Comi]. Published in Indonesia as I Love You, Suzuki kun!! and In Our World by PT Tiga Lancar Semesta/Tiga Lancar Comic (3L)

Only one more I Love You, Suzuki kun!! before the volume 15 finale (Edit: Baka-Updates Manga indicates Status in Country of Origin is 15 Volumes (Ongoing).).

In this latest tankou,

Sayaka has regained her memories, but unable to forgive herself for having replaced Hikaru with another, she decides to break up with Takumi and go solo. Unfortunately, Sayaka also chooses to drive away Hikaru — by telling him that she's going to marry Takumi.

Big Mis(understanding) this late in the Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! day?? Hoo-boy... (You can tell I loathe this Just talk to each other already!! trope.) I hope Shinobu × Chihiro are faring better...

Per earlier volumes, I Love You, Suzuki kun!! volume 13 is rated for [DEWASA] or Mature audiences.

New 3L manga
In Our World by Mamura Mio

Kokoro wouldn't have gotten all buddy-buddy with Haru—their first meeting was the worst—if not for their fangirl(boy)ing the same band. So now, they hang out after school.

One day, Kokoro and Haru run into the band's lead singer, Kai. Seeing Kokoro weep over the thrill of having met their idol, Haru immediately drags her away. The uptake of Haru going Alpha mode, ON!: Kokoro's heart starts pounding...?!

Teen-friendly Friends Become Lovers, Jealousy, Love Triangle, Music Bokura no Sekai de (In Our World's original title) also contains a couple of one-shots, Bokutachi no shunkan (Our Moment) and Ano Koro no watashitachi wa (Us, those days) [*NOT 3L's titles]. They all feature absolutely DELISH eyecandy, per Mamura Mio-sensei normal. (Watch out for those deadly grins :D) [Continued...]

3L shoujo manga (2012.03.19)

  1. I Love You, Suzuki kun!! (Suki desu Suzuki-kun!!) vol 13 of 15+ by Ikeyamada Go
  2. Suki desu Suzuki-kun!!好きです鈴木くん!!」 by Ikeyamada Go
    AKA The Lovin' “S”
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi, shoujo
    Volume 13 first published in Japan 2011.10

    The first anime OAD was bundled with Sho-Comi's first 2010 issue (released 2009.12; chapter 1 reenactment), the second with the Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! Official Fanbook (shipped 2010.07; chapters 15 and 16 re-enactment; fanbook released by 3L in January 2012). Seiyuu Asakura Azumi, Oda Hirofumi, Iwasaki Ryō and Isshiki Mayu voiced Hoshino Sayaka, Suzuki Hikaru, Suzuki Shinobu and Itō Chihiro respectively.

    Two light novels written by Tokiumi Yui and illustrated by Ikeyamada Go have also been released. The first, Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! Pure White Love (2009.12.24), detailed Hikaru and Sayaka's relationship during the couple's last year of middle school. The second Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! With Precious Heart light novel (2010.07.26) is set before the high school arc/between manga volumes 7 and 8.

    A Nintendo DS game—Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! ~Yo-nin no Suzuki-kun—released in 2010.07. Per the title, the game introduces two new Ikeyamada-sensei designed characters also surnamed Suzuki: Suzuki Michiru (voiced by Hoshi Sōichirō) and Suzuki Hiroto (Nakamura Yūichi). Game versions of Sayaka, Hikaru, Shinobu and Chihiro were voiced by Takita Juri, Miyata Kōki, Kondou Takashi and Taketatsu Ayana. A limited edition of the Idea Factory game came with a drama CD featuring a story about the four main characters.

  3. [Premiere] In Our World (Bokura no Sekai de.) by Mamura Mio
  4. Bokura no Sekai de.僕らの世界で。」 by Mamura Mio
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2008.09

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¹ Sources: Elex Comic Center (release advisory) and Angelzon.com (artwork and synopses).
² All manga retail for IDR 16,500
³ In Our World is rated for Remaja or Teens, but I Love You, Suzuki Kun!! 13 is for Mature audiences only

New 3L titles: In Our World - continued
Other Mamura Mio manga
I already noted other Mamura Mio shoujo titles when 3L released Teacher & Secret last month, so just click »this if interested. (I suggest you do, especially if you can't get enough of Mamura Mio bishies like me ^^)

That's it. See you next 3L release.

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