Soul Eater 14, Team Medical Dragon 22, Yugo in Osaka 1 by Akana Shu & Makari Shinji (Level Comics 21 March 2012 manga) [UPDATED]

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Soul Eater 14, Team Medical Dragon 22 (Level Comics)

Soul Eater © Ohkubo Atsushi/Square Enix [Serialized in Shonen Gangan] · Iryuu -Team Medical Dragon- © Nogizaka Taro, Nagai Akira/Shogakukan [First serialized in Big Comic Superior]. Published in Indonesia as Soul Eater and Team Medical Dragon by Level Comics

Soul Eater volume 14 and Team Medical Dragon volume 22 tie for Most Wanted Manga, and a coin flip determines that...Soul Eater draws First Blurb:

Maka, Soul and Medusa burst into the spider queen's lair after withstanding her mental blast, only to find Arachne prone on the floor—whut? Elsewhere, Kid, tailing Mosquito, stumbles across the latter's battle with Eibon and is spotted by the sorcerer. Meanwhile, Black☆Star's death match with Sword God Mifune approaches climax.

Soul Eater volume 14 comprises chapters 53 through 57 — Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle, Parts 8-12. The latest compiled chapter is 92, War on the Moon (Part 2) bound in Soul Eater vol 21 released in Japan 22 February 2012.

Team Medical Dragon vol 22 of 25
By Nogizaka Taro/Nagai Akira

In the middle of surgery, Professor Takeo's blood pressure spikes and his aneurysm bursts. Kunitachi panics, forcing Akira and the doctors observing the operation to intervene. Can they save Professor Takeo? Meanwhile, Shingo, stunned by his father's failure, chooses suicide...

I won't be blurbing the Sky of Love finale on grounds that Level's preview is the mother of all spoilers. In any case, if you followed the series religiously and constitute a percentage of the votes that propelled Sky of Love volume 10 to first runner-up DO WANT!, you prolly already know what to expect. Also, for your sake, I hope that last volume also contains Mika's NOZOMU spin-off that I heard (read) was included in the Japanese edition.

New Level manga
So, instead, Imma highlight the other first runner-debut that squeezes in as a newbie, along with the other bonafide newbie. The fourth Yugo II arc, Yugo in Osaka, premieres, as does Souryo Fuyumi's Bad Boy, Dark Past, Artist, Opposites Attract, Twins, Motorcycles, Suicide, Sociopath/Psychopath Mars. Deets after the release list.

Level Comics manga (2012.03.21)

  1. Air Gear vol 27 of 35+ by Oh!great
  2. LC: Air Gear 27

    AirGearエア・ギア」 by Oh!great
    Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 27 (Tricks 248–257) first published in Japan 2009.12

    Winner, 2006 Kodansha Manga Awards in the Shounen category

    Other languages/serializations
    English Air Gear (Del Rey: until Volume 15/16/17 per 2010.08; Kodansha Comics: from volume 18; 22 volumes as of 2012.02.28 • volume 23 street date: 2012.04.17), Korean (Haksan), traditional Chinese (Tong Li Taiwan: 飛輪少年 #34 per 2012.03.09), simplified Chinese (Chuang Yi Singapore: volume 28 per 2010.08), French (Pika Édition: Tome 32 shipped 2012.03.01 • Tome 33 street date: 2012.06.01), Italy (Planet Manga), Germany (Heyne) and Sweden (Schibsted Förlagen Sverige AB/serialized in Manga Mania)

    A 25-episode anime by Toei Animation, starring Kamakari Kenta as Ikki; a series of Satelight-animated OADs shipped with the manga tankoubon (The first Air Gear: Kuro no Hane to Nemuri no Mori -Break on the Sky- OAD streeted with volume 30 in November 2010 with seiyuu Okamoto Nobuhiko as Ikki; the second OAD was bundled with volume 31 (2011.03.17), with a third released 2011.06.17); and a series of musicals

  3. Fight!! Ippo (Hajime no Ippo) vol 89 of 98+ by Morikawa Joji
  4. LC: Fight!! Ippo 89

    Hajime no Ippoはじめの一歩
    by Morikawa Joji
    AKA Fighting Spirit
    Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 89 first published in Japan 2009.09

    Volume 89 chapters:
    Round 848: Vengeful Takamura
    Round 849: Sayonara, Sakaguchi
    Round 850: It was Inspirational!
    Round 851: The Fear of Slipping
    Round 852: The Challenge of A's
    Round 853: The Grim Reaper Returns
    Round 854: A Dull Challenger
    Round 855: Makunouchiiii...
    Round 856: The Path of Progress
    Round 857: The Champion of Nature
    [*NOT Level chapter titles]

    Winner, 1991 Kodansha Manga Awards in the Shounen category

    Related series
    Hajime no Ippo Gaiden (one-shot prequel)

    Other languages
    French (Kurokawa: Ippo, Saison 2 Tome 16 per 2011.09), traditional Chinese (Tong Li Taiwan: 第一神拳 98 released 2012.03.14)

    A 76-episode anime by Madhouse, starring seiyuu Kiyasu Kohei (Makunouchi Ippo), aired on NTV from October 2000 to March 2002. A sequel/special, Hajime no Ippo - Champion Road, came out in June 2003, followed by the spinoff Hajime no Ippo - Mashiba vs. Kimura OAV (2003.09). The 26-episode second season Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger was telecast from January to June 2009.

  5. K2 vol 11 of 16+ by Mafune Kazuo
  6. LC: K2 vol 11

    K2K2」 by Mafune Kazuo
    Kodansha Evening, seinen
    Volume 11 first published in Japan 2009.09

  7. [Series Premiere] Mars vol 1 of 15 by Souryo Fuyumi
  8. LC: Mars 1

    MarsMARS」 by Souryo Fuyumi
    Kodansha Betsufure, shoujo
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 1996.05

    Reissued in eight Kodansha Manga Bunko volumes from 2006.10 to 2007.01

    Related series
    Prequel: Mars Gaiden Namae no nai uma (one volume per 1999.12). AKA MARS: Horse With No Name

    Other languages
    English MARS (TOKYOPOP: 15 Volumes), French (Marvel Panini France, 15 volumes per 2005.06), Italian (Editions Star Comics; serialized in Amici), German (Planet Manga: Band 15 per 2003.10 and Band 16 (Mars Gaiden) released 2003.12), Polish (Waneko)

    A 21-episode Taiwanese live-action adaptation, MARS (戰神 / Zhànshén MARS), starring Vic Zhou as Chen Ling & Sheng (Kashino Rei & Sei) and Barbie Hsu as Han Qi Luo (Aso Kira), aired on the Chinese Television System network in 2004-2005. The TV series won the Favorite Drama of the Year award at the 40th Annual 2005 Golden Bell Awards.

  9. Nanase Fire Investigator (Kasai Chousakan Nanase) vol 6 of 7 by Hashimoto Izo & Ichikawa Tomoshige
  10. New Comic Bomber (Shin Hoero Pen) vol 10 of 11 by Shimamoto Kazuhiko
  11. LC: New Comic Bomber 10

    Shin Hoero Pen新吼えろペン
    by Shimamoto Kazuhiko
    AKA New Be Growl, Pen
    Shogakukan Sunday GX, seinen
    Volume 10 (chapters 36–39) first published in Japan 2008.05

    Related series
    Prequels Moeyo Pen or Burning Pen (one volume), Hoero Pen or Comic Bomber (13 volumes) and Moeyo Pen prequel Aoi Honoo (seven volumes published in Japan per 2011.11, ongoing serialization in Gessan; published by Level Comics as Blue Flame: Comic Bomber Early Years [one volume per 2011.12])

  12. Sky of Love (Koizora: Setsunai Koi Monogatari) vol 10 of 10 by Haneda Ibuki, Mika [Finale]
  13. LC: Sky of Love 10

    Koizora: Setsunai Koi Monogatari
    by Haneda Ibuki, Mika
    Futabasha Comic Mahou no iland, shoujo
    Volume 10 first published in Japan 2009.08

    Based on the best-selling coming of age/romance novel written by Mika (two volumes published by Starts Publications), originally posted on the cell phone website "Mahou no iLand."

    Loosely adapted into a movie (2007.11.03 premiere), starring Aragaki Yui as Mika and Miura Haruma as Hiro, and a six-episode live-action series on TBS from August to September 2008 with Mizusawa Erena as Mika and Seto Koji as Hiro.

  14. Soul Eater vol 14 of 21+ by Ohkubo Atsushi
  15. LC: Soul Eater 14

    Soul Eaterソウルイーター
    by Ohkubo Atsushi
    Square Enix Shonen Gangan, shounen
    Volume 14 (chapter 53–57) first published in Japan 2009.03

    Related series
    First appeared as one-shots in two Gangan Powered special editions (Summer and Fall 2003) and Gangan Wing's 26 November 2003 issue. (Regular Monthly Shonen Gangan serialization commenced May 2004.)

    Other languages
    English Soul Eater (Yen Press: eight volumes as of 2012.02.28 • volume 9 street date: 2012.05.29), French (Kurokawa: Tome 19 shipped 2012.03.08), German (Carlsen Comics: Band 15 per 2012.02.08 • Band 16 street date: 2012.04.30), traditional Chinese (Sharp Point Press Taiwan: SOUL EATER噬魂者 18 released 2011.08)

    Related series
    Soul Eater Not! (spin-off; began serialization in Shonen Gangan 2011.01; one volume released in Japan as of 2011.09)

    Manga volumes 1 to 12 adapted to anime by BONES. Fifty-one episodes starring seiyuu Omigawa Chiaki (Maka Alban) and Uchiyama Kouki (Soul Eater) aired in Japan from April 2008 to March 2009.

    Square Enix bundled an audio drama, Soul Eater (Vol. 1): Special Social Studies Field Trip, with an artbook in August 2005. The drama CD featured different actors (Takeuchi Junko as Maka; Hoshi Souichirou as Soul Eater); only Kobayashi Yumiko reprised her Black☆Star role in the TV series.

  16. Team Medical Dragon (Iryuu -Team Medical Dragon-) vol 22 of 25 by Nogizaka Taro/Nagai Akira
  17. LC: Team Medical Dragon 22

    Iryuu -Team Medical Dragon-医龍
    by Nogizaka Taro, Nagai Akira
    Medical Supervision: Yoshinuma Mie
    Shogakukan Big Comic Superior, seinen
    Volume 22 first published in Japan 2010.01

    Winner, 50th Shogakukan Manga Awards in the Seinen/General category

    Other languages
    French (Glénat: Tome 19 shipped 2012.02.08 • Tome 20 street date: 2012.05.09)

    Reissued in My First WIDE editions (five volumes released between 2011.11 and 2012.03; volume 6 street date: 2012.04)

    My First BIG Special limited edition releases: Iryū Oyasumi (Japan release: 2011.01); Iryū Yōchi (2010.12); Iryū Tokken (2010.11); Iryū sennō (2010.10); Iryū Himitsu Heiki (2010.09); Iryū Sōtei-gai (2007.12); Iryū Hakui (2007.11); Iryū Kyōju no Shishitsu (2007.11); Iryū Kiken na masui (2007.10); Iryū Kango-shi to Isha (2006.06); and Iryū Kanja no Ishi (2006.04)

    Three seasons of the live-action adaptation, starring Sakaguchi Kenji (Asada Ryutaro), aired on Fuji TV (Season 1: April to June 2006; Season 2: October to December 2007; Season 3: October to December 2010). The first season won the Best Drama award at the 49th Television Drama Academy Awards.

  18. [Premiere] Yugo in Osaka (Yugo: Osaka-hen) vol 1 of 2 by Akana Shu & Makari Shinji
  19. LC: Yugo in Osaka 1

    Yugo: Osaka-hen勇午 大阪編
    by Akana Shu & Makari Shinji
    Kodansha Evening, seinen
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2006.10

    Related series
    Part of the Yugo II side stories that include Yugo: Shimokita Hantou-hen (2004.09), published by Level Comics as Yugo - Shimokita Peninsula; Yugo: Kitakyushu Tsushima-hen (2005.05), released as Yugo in Tsushima, Kitakyushu; Yugo: Tokyo Tanegashima-hen (2006.03), released as Yugo in Tokyo - Tanegashima; Yugo: Osaka-hen (Volume 2 of 2 per 2007.02); Yugo: Yokohama Yokosuka-hen (V1: 2008.01 - V2: 2008.02); Yugo: Toyako Summit-hen (V1: 2008.09 - V2: 2009.05); Yugo: Philippines Oda-Hen (V1: 2010.02 - V3: 2010.08), Yugo: Taiwan-hen (V1 2011.06 - V2: 2011.10.21)
    Main story: Yugo (22 volumes)

  20. Zipang vol 12 of 43 by Kawaguchi Kaiji
  21. LC: Zipang 12

    Zipangジパング」 by Kawaguchi Kaiji
    Kodansha Morning, seinen
    Volume 12 first published in Japan 2003.08

    Winner, 26th Kodansha Manga Awards (2002) in the General category

    Other language versions
    English (Kodansha Bilingual Comics; partial), French (Kana: Zipang Tome 34 per 2012.02) and traditional Chinese (Sharp Point Press: 次元艦隊 43 per 2010.06)

    Anime by Studio DEEN starring seiyuu Inada Tetsu (Executive Officer Kadomatsu Yosuke), Hoshino Takanori (Gunnery Officer Kikuchi Masayuki), Ueda Yuuji (Navigation Officer Oguri Kouhei), Yara Yuusaku (Captain Umezu Saburo) and Touchi Hiroki (Lt. Commander Kusaka Takumi) aired in Japan from October 2004 to March 2005

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European comics/BDs (2012.03.21)

  • Scrameustache: Totem Luar Angkasa (Le Scrameustache, Tome 4: Le totem de l'espace) by Gos (Glénat)

¹ Sources: Elex Media (release schedule) and Gramedia.com (artwork).
² All manga are (still) priced at IDR 18,500 each except Yugo in Osaka 1 (IDR IDR 19,000/volume) and Zipang 12 (IDR 20,000). ROMIC Scrameustache: Totem Luar Angkasa retails for IDR 30,000/volume.
³ Links like this are commercial Amazon search and/or product links (other language versions).

New Level manga - continued

Mars vol 1 of 15
By Souryo Fuyumi

Aso Kira just yearns to be left alone to draw. An introvert, she can't stand Kashino Rei, her handsome player classmate. But thanks to her drawing, Rei approaches her, and Kira's world begins to expand...

And when Rei plants a kiss on a statue of Mars in the studio, Kira finds herself drawn in and even summons up the nerve to ask him to model for her, unaware that problems already lurk on the horizon. [Additions from TOKYOPOP's MARS Volume 1 preview]

I hinted at some of those "problems" Above the Cut, but I'm guessing you already know about them—about Mars, in fact (even before I went through Baka-Updates's tag laundry list)—from the Taiwanese drama adapt. MARS, which starred Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu as Chen Ling (Kashino Rei) and Han Qi Luo (Aso Kira), aired on the Chinese Television System network between 2004 and 2005, and a gloomier dorama you won't find. (But peeps obviously liked it; the series won the Favorite Drama of the Year award at the 40th Annual 2005 Golden Bell Awards.)

Souryo Fuyumi's shoujo manga first serialized in Betsufure and was collected in 15 bound volumes from May 1996 to December 2000. Kodansha reissued it in eight bunko volumes between October 2006 and January 2007. I'm not quite convinced to GET! Mars yet, so will prolly just borrow volume 1 first and see from there.

Other Souryo Fuyumi manga
Before Mars (or its one-volume prequel, Mars Gaiden Namae no nai uma), you prolly ran into "Souryo Fuyumi" from ES, which Level published as Eternal Sabbath (eight volumes; concluded), and her current seinen series, Cesare: Hakai no Sōzōsha, ongoing serialization in Morning (JP volume 9 street date: 2012.04.23; latest Level Cesare: The Creator of Destruction volume 7 released September 2011).

Not yet licensed, I don't think, is Souryo Fuyumi's 33rd Shogakukan Manga Award-winning Boyfriend (10 volumes published in Japan between November 1985 and April 1988; reissued in six bunko volumes in December 1994).

You can find the 13 other titles in Souryo Fuyumi backlist »here.

Yugo in Osaka vol 1 of 2
By Akana Shu & Makari Shinji

An old college friend, fearing for his life, asks for Yugo's help. Sure enough, as Yugo is talking with him, the Nagamoto Fund director is shot by a sniper. Who is after the "darling of capitalism"? Could it really be the student carrying a violin case whom Yugo glimpsed just minutes before the shooting?

A trail of vengeance leads Yugo to a woman badly burned in a fire, a yakuza boss and and an insurance investigator.

Yugo in Osaka volume 1 forms half of the fourth Yugo II side story, succeeding Yugo: Shimokita Hantou-hen (published by Level Comics as Yugo - Shimokita Peninsula); Yugo: Kitakyushu Tsushima-hen (Yugo in Tsushima, Kitakyushu); Yugo: Tokyo Tanegashima-hen (Yugo in Tokyo - Tanegashima) and preceding Yugo: Yokohama Yokosuka-hen (two volumes); Yugo: Toyako Summit-hen (two volumes); Yugo: Philippines Oda-Hen (three volumes), Yugo: Taiwan-hen (two volumes as of 2011.10).

Featured ongoing series

Air Gear vol 27 of 35+
By Oh!great

Thanks to Aeon's info, Ikki learns of Rika's condition, and he and his teammates struggle to end the battle as quickly as possible so as to come to Rika's aid. But the advantage is clearly to the opponent. To blunt the other team's edge, Ikki turns to Kilik for some strategic pointers, and the battle between Kogarasumaru—under Kilik's direction—and Sleipnire is on!

Thirty-five Air Gear tankou have been published in Japan as of 16 March 2012.

Nanase Fire Investigator vol 6 of 7
By Hashimoto Izo & Ichikawa Tomoshige

Nanase is arrested on the strength of Hikawa's suspicions and Ogata's testimony. To prove her innocence, Nanase must delve into her elusive memories for the truth.

The next volume is the Nanase Fire Investigator finale. Aren't you glad?

Other 21 March 2012 highlights

  • Fight!! Ippo vol 89 by Morikawa Joji: His suspension over, Mashiba immediately vies for the OPBF title. At first, things seem to be going Mashiba's way, but the champion pulling a fast one on Mashiba neutralizes the challenger's lead. Can the Grim Reaper Mashiba Ryo win the fight on fair play alone?
  • K2 vol 11 by Mafune Kazuo: Dr. K's former patient Kawaguchi Seizo persists in fulfilling his war photographer calling. Even after his wife asked Dr. K to try to stop Kawaguchi, he still covers an outbreak of hostilities abroad and is caught in a molotov blast. Can Dr. K save Kawaguchi this time, too?
  • New Comic Bomber vol 10 by Shimamoto Kazuhiko: The contest to crown the world's strongest comic artist heats up, and Hono makes it to the finals, despite not understanding how he even made it as a finalist. But that's neither here nor there. Now Hono has to face the mastermind of the contest. Who is he? And why did he hold this ridiculous contest to begin with?
  • Zipang vol 12 by Kawaguchi Kaiji: To avoid enemy detection, the Mirai doesn't escort the ship bearing Japanese nationals, but when the vessel comes under fire from an American submarine, will the Mirai continue to hide?

Still not enuf? Here are the other 21 March 2012 manga and manhwa

Elex Media: The Best Skilled Surgeon 7 · Juvenile Remix 9 · Smash! 7 · Arakure: The Wild Ones 4 · Demon Sacred 1 by Itsuki Natsumi · Magical Iroha 3 of 3 · Metal Fight Beyblade 7 · Kariage Kun 48 · Lum, The Invader Girl 34 of 34 · Doraemon Movie: Nobita dan Kelahiran Jepang by Fujiko F. Fujio · The Way of Cat by Iwaoka Hisae · Nakayoshi Gress! Issue 03/2012
[Value sets] Crows Vols. 1–10 and 11–14 · The Little Detective Trickstar Hoshi Vols. 1–7 · My Adorable Fatty Girl Vols. 1–6 · YuYu Hakusho: Ghost Files Vols. 1–10 and 11–19

m&c!: The Breaker 5 · Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War 17 · My Lovely Class Leader 9 · First Love Lesson 2 | Reprints: Anger, Laugh, and Love by Satori Tae · Ninja Girl by Nishimura Tomoko · No Secret in 1.8m² by Ozaki Ira · Please, Stop the Time by Nakamura Sayumi · Secret of the 7th Lesson by Chiba Kozue · The Secret Message by Akaishi Michiyo

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