Fairy Tail Season 2 anime episodes 37 to 52 update (airing 2-23 April 2012 on Animax Asia)

This follows-up my Fairy Tail Season 2 premiere and episodes 15–36 posts. Listing episodes skedded to air from the 2–23 April 2012—until the season finale episode 52—on Animax.

Fairy Tail Season 2 ex Animax Asia

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Fairy Tail Season 2 airs weeknights at 630PM WIB (UTC+07) on Animax Asia.

2-23 April 2012
Partial episode list and Animax synopses

May contain    [SPOILERS!]

Episode 37 (2012.04.02 630pm Premiere)
Code ETD
Erza ambushes Lucy, Happy, and Charle, but Earthland's Erza and Gray suddenly appear to save their comrades.

Episode 38 (4.03 630pm Premiere)
Erza VS. Erza
Erza Scarlet holds off Erza Knightwalker while Lucy and the others go to rescue Natsu and Wendy.

Episode 39 (4.04 630PM WIB Premiere)
It's Life!!!!
Natsu, Gray, and Lucy's attempt to reach the King of Edolas is held up by the Royal Army.

Episode 40 (4.05 630PM WIB Premiere)
The Great River of Stars is for Pride
Byro is defeated by the timely arrival of Natsu.

Episode 41 (4.06 630PM WIB Premiere)
The Doomsday Dragon Chain Cannon
Gray defeats Sugarboy and destroys the key after learning its purpose.

Episode 42 (4.09 630PM WIB Premiere)
The Boy Back Then
The lacrima suddenly disappears and Mystogan arrives to explain that he has restored Magnolia.

Episode 43 (4.10 630PM WIB Premiere)
Dragon Sense
King Faust unleashes a powerful mechanical dragon, Dorma Anim.

Episode 44 (4.11 630PM WIB Premiere)
Those Who are Alive
The battle against the Edolas Royal Kingdom rages on.

Episode 45 (4.12 630PM WIB Premiere)
I'm Standing Here
The Edolas combatants panic upon realizing their magic is disappearing thanks to Mystogan reversing Anima.

Episode 46 (4.13 630PM WIB Premiere)
Bye-bye, Edolas
Mystogan is revealed to be the Prince of Edolas to the people.

Episode 47 (4.16 630PM WIB Premiere)
Panther Lily has brought an unusual captive Lisanna, who explains she is actually Earthland's Lisanna.

Episode 48 (4.17 630PM WIB Premiere)
That which Erases Life
Natsu and his friends tell the other guild members about their adventures in Edolas.

Episode 49 (4.18 630PM WIB Premiere)
Best Partner
The members of Fairy Tail prepare for an annual exam to decide who will be an S-Class wizard.

Episode 50 (4.19 630PM WIB Premiere)
Who's The One With The Good Luck?
The exam participants arrive at Tenrou Island, Fairy Tail's holy ground.

Episode 51 (4.20 630PM WIB Premiere)
Natsu Vs. Gildarts
Natsu has to fight Gildarts for his test.

Episode 52 (4.23 630PM WIB Premiere) [Season finale]
Mest convinces Wendy to help him look for a secret he claims to be hidden on the island.

These episodes correspond to Fairy Tail episodes 85–100.

Fairy Tail Season 2 episodes replay at 930pm the same day; next day encores at 130am, 630am, 1030am and 230pm. Weekend back-to-back replays on Saturdays start at 730am and again at 4pm. For further schedules, check Animax.

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