Rental Magica anime episodes 3 to 24 update (airing 2-30 April 2012 on Animax Asia)

This follows-up my Rental Magica premiere post. Listing episodes skedded to air from the 2–30 April 2012, or what's currently available from Animax.

Rental Magica

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Rental Magica airs weeknights at 10PM WIB (UTC+7) on Animax Asia.

Partial episode list and Animax synopses:
Episode 3 (2012.04.02 10PM WIB Premiere)
Purification of the Gods
Shinogi Minagi requests a spirit medium to convene with the god of the shrine.

Episode 4 (4.03 10PM WIB Premiere)
You are Not Alone
Itsuki is in the hospital with a broken leg.

Episode 5 (4.04 10PM WIB Premiere)
Magi Night
Kagezaki threatens to cancel Astral's registration with the Association.

Episode 6 (4.05 10PM WIB Premiere)
Glam Sight
Honami swears to protect Itsuki.

Episode 7 (4.06 10PM WIB Premiere)
Red-Headed Girl
Itsuki meets a girl in a park, and, seeing her alone, gives her food and a business card.

Episode 8 (4.09 10PM WIB Premiere)
Hot Spring Magic
The Astral members go to a hot spring in order to cure Itsuki's Glamsight eye.

Episode 9 (4.10 10PM WIB Premiere)
Father's Successor
The Astral mansion is attacked by Lapis.

Episode 10 (4.11 10PM WIB Premiere)
Tears of the Homunculus
Lapis uses the basilisk eye to prevent Itsuki from using his Glamsight.

Episode 11 (4.12 10PM WIB Premiere)
The Flower that Blooms on the Dead
Astral is approached by Diana to find a special flower.

Episode 12 (4.13 10PM WIB Premiere)
A Requiem Offered on Christmas Eve
The Astral members are planning a Christmas party for Itsuki.

Episode 13 (4.16 10PM WIB Premiere)
Faith Initiation Rites
In a flashback, Honami recalls how she attended a wizarding school in Britain.

Episode 14 (4.17 10PM WIB Premiere)
Memories of the Stars
Astral is contacted by Kei Isurugi to perform a ceremony at a mountain.

Episode 15 (4.18 10PM WIB Premiere)
Legend of the Mermaid
Itsuki and Kuroha are sucked into the past due to the magical pollution in the area.

Episode 16 (4.19 10PM WIB Premiere)
Red Spear
While training in the mountains, Itsuki is attacked by a magical creature.

Episode 17 (4.20 10PM WIB Premiere)
Demonic Rebellion
A Goetia ceremony to summon the demon Asmodai fails due to the interference of a former member.

Episode 18 (4.23 10PM WIB Premiere)
The Bond of Solomon
Daphne begins searching for Clive in order to find Adelicia.

Episode 19 (4.24 10PM WIB Premiere)
The Medium's Hometown
Mikan and Nekoyashiki return to Mikan's family, and their extended absence causes Itsuki to inquire as to their status.

Episode 20 (4.25 10PM WIB Premiere)
Demonic Festival
Itsuki directs Honami in sealing the oni's movement, while Mikan and Kaori complete the Katsuragi ceremony.

Episode 21 (4.26 10PM WIB Premiere)
White and Black Dress
Adelicia is forced by the Association to either appoint a new head of Goetia or get married to legitimize her claim.

Episode 22 (4.27 10PM WIB Premiere)
Sleeping City
After Fin leaves, Itsuki's Glamsight begins to cause him pain.

Episode 23 (4.30 10PM WIB Premiere)
Nekoyakishi surmises the dragon is a sacrifice to heal Itsuki's eye.

Not yet in Animax schedule but
Episode 24 (2012.05.01 10PM WIB Premiere) [Finale]

Rental Magica episodes replay the following day at 2AM and 7PM WIB. The five-episode back to back weekend marathon starts at 730AM and then again at 4PM on Sundays. For further schedules, please check Animax Asia or your program guides.

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